Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Female Clothing Habits

I remember hearing somewhere, someone saying -or writing- that women's (and girls')[1] clothing is specifically designed such that the wearer is obliged to have a handbag. In fact, on the rare occasions when I actually do go browsing the clothes section at major retails stores, I find this generally and irritably true. There are exceptions, I think.

Clothing made targeting females often consists of tight clothing. As such, they either contain a) no pockets or b) pockets that useless because the clothing is so tight you can't put anything in the pockets [comfortably] and thus must only be there to look 'cool' ???

Oh no, don't forget that there are specifically loose clothing for women. Ya know, those sport-wear for the puny number of women who actually play sport or exercise or somethin' liek dat. Some contain no pockets, some do. My school sports tracksuit pants contained no pockets; my previous school had a little pocket. A little pocket --which is usable - is better than nothing, of course. Though, if you're exercising, there's not much point in lugging around a handbag.

Then what about loose women's clothing that’s not sport-wear? Of course they exist. Do they have pockets? I don’t remember a satisfying percentage (above 20% would be nice) of having pockets.  Obviously, according to my very limited knowledge, usable pockets in women’s fashion are a no-no.

Note: Hoodies and similar do often have big pockets, whether tight or not. However, on both women’s' and men’s', these pockets are for putting your hands in, because the shape and opening of the pockets themselves aren't made for keeping objects from rolling out.

Another big thing in women’s fashion. Dresses and skirts. The one small pocket on my school’s dress and skirt are laughable. Even though it’s not designed for it, I can’t fit my hand in one of them. I mean, what woman of the right of mind would want pockets on their dress or skirt anyway. Everybody knows that pockets are supposed to only appear on men’s clothing, and women are born to carry handbags. Really, I mean it. I mean, the majority of people (western, maybe) can’t be wrong, can they?

A bit further on skirts; I find that in popular culture and the media, that office women wear those tight-looking skirts. I write ‘tight-looking’ because I’ve never worn one myself, but they look tight because the material always looks like it’s stretched. I ask myself, how do they walk in them? By moving just their lower legs and taking lots and lots of tiny steps, I answer. Well, okay, then how do they go toilet? 0__0 Maybe they don’t. Maybe they wait until they change out of it to go? I do notice that on the train, a huge majority of office-working-looking women wear pants. So, a popular culture that likes seeing women in tight skirts, despite its evident impracticality?

[1] The terms woman, girl and female will be used interchangeably here. We all know girls aren't women but the media obviously portrays them as such, and a lot of girls, it appears, want to be older, like women, but when they actually become women, they suddenly want to get younger?

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