Thursday, December 2, 2010

Girl = Dress

Surf Deviantart's Anime & Manga images, and what do you get? A disproportionate amount of girls are in dress -and where wielding a weapon does not automatically mean practical clothing. Mayhap my displeasure is erroneously placed - a lot of girls do like wearing dresses, after all. And I guess wearing a really short dress wouldn't hamper your movements as long as you don't care about panty shots and the like.

Something that strongly brought this to my attention was the proliferation of Black Rock Shooter fanart. Though, at least the characters aren't wearing scanty armour that would offer no protection at the weakest spots. Just scanty clothing.

[Above image from here]
What can I say? They're both wearing some armour. It's just that that it doesn't cover their heart, ya know?

[Above image found here]
This character might not be a girl as such. Maybe an extremely young adult? But you see, it is so dangerous that the guy finds it necessary to wear copious amount of armour, and yet this girl has barely anything on AND unsuitable footwear???

Not everyone does that to warrior girls though. There are works of girls/women in practical clothing. It's just really really rare...that's all.

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